Saturday, August 21

In the Beginning...

Well, I have ordered and received The Complete Idiot's Guide to The Bible. And now, during my little love's nap, have started reading it. I am not one to skip around in a book, regardless of how much I want to open to the middle and just leaf through it. If you know me, do you really believe that I HAVENOT! The unnecessary self-control that I have portrayed with this stinkin' book is ridiculous. I just NEED to start at the beginning, so to speak.

Since I have this insane self-control/OCD about starting at the beginning, I guess that is where my journey in the Bible will start. Oddly enough, I guess that would make sense for me. The Lord has blessed me with a random personality that does nothing "in order" or "by the book" however, I believe He has also given me that insane desire to start of the beginning of HIS Book. And so, oddly enough, that is what I'm doing. And until that changes, or I get bored with it, that's where I'm headed.

And, my little angel is awake. God's perfect timing. :)

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