Sunday, July 25

getting real.

Well, isn't this interesting. After reading my older posts, I have done some searching. Results: a. NOT funny, b. fake, c. boring.

After seeking out other pages and people I realize: a. I suck at grammar (especially commas), b. I need to write about something meaningful to ME or else WHY BOTHER, c. I need to get real with who I am. and I'll throw in a d. I need to do some soul searching. (And let me start off by saying I'm stealing the color/font thing from Laura's amazing page. I wish I knew how to do that thing where you insert something-or-other and then Laura's name underlines and turns blue and by clicking you can be immediately directed to her

I am a new mother. An OLD Christian (I will explain that later. Remind me, perhaps.). A free spirit. A wife. and many other things as well...but those are my priorities at the moment. I am also a friend and sister and I am not bragging, but I think I am doing well at both of those so they aren't on my "fixer-upper" list.
I really love this whole COLOR thing. I hope it doesn't get old or over-done. (too late).

The purpose of my blog is this: a. By blogging I force myself to think and hold myself accountable to work on the things in my life that need work. Per-chance someone out there reads this that needs some slacker reassurance...there is hope. b. To have a record of my growth and be able to reflect on the past.

Matthew 6:5-15. Jesus' teaching on Prayer.
The Lord's Prayer is within that bundle of verses ... it's familiar and comforting to me. My dad used to sit in-between my sisters and my room at night and pray it with us before we went to reminds me of how strong i was in my faith when i was younger.... but eventually, it got old, I got cold, people in faith let me down, the excuses could go on but I'm back in the game now, folks.

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  1. Kylie! I love this post. I think "getting real" is something we all need to be reminded to do at times.

    I also think blogging a great way to keep yourself accountable, and it is a GREAT way to document life. I am so thankful for you.

    I am really looking forward to reading what else you have to say, and bouncing ideas off each other.

    (Oh, and you can make a link by clicking the little chain icon on the top near where the fonts options are...)

    LOVE that you are using the color thing...I love how it emphasizes certain portions.

    I missed you, and loved meeting you and the little one today. I'm so glad we are reconnected. I can't wait to speak truth to each other for the next 20+ years that we will know each other.