Sunday, January 11

Anti resolutions

So far all my resolutions that I would have made are broken. 
1. Run more.   I'm up 5 pounds. 
2. Write in this bad boy a couple times a week.....that hasn't been accomplished
And..... that's it. 
I normally am not one to make resolutions because simply..I don't think of it. I figure that if I am not doing it thus far, there's nothing that a new year will do to make it happen.  And plus, if I don't write it down, there's no chance I will remember what it was.
Which brings me to the conclusion that IF it wasn't important enough to remember, it
obviously isn't important enough to incorporate into daily life. Now doesn't that make sense..
I didn't realize how anti-resolution I was until now. See, this is therapeutic.
It is also extrememly difficult to write when you have an 18month old who is obsessed with the computer and keeps climbing up the chair onto my lap, which is where the computer is...I will have to post a pic of this adorable little man, who is NOT my son but in fact my nephew.
He is insane.


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