Thursday, July 29


Jonah was told to do something by God, was a crazy man and ran from Him, was eaten by a nasty whale, prayed, became whale barf, and then when asked a second time, LISTENED! Hello...put Kylie in for Jonah and VOILA. thank you Jesus for throwing things at us more than once. You don't give up on us, even when we've given up on ourselves.

And I do believe that further on in Jonah 4:4-11, the Lord is comparing a worm devouring a Gourd, to Ninevah and the sin devouring it....
Jonah was "mourning" a gourd in which: he did not plant, make grow, or even have for more than a day...dude...
Point being, if he's mourning this gourd so much- look at how much he had invested in that gourd! Why then, shouldn't the Lord spare this sinful city of at least 120,000 who, like my sister, don't know their left from right!?! I'm glad I'm not a gourd and I thank the Lord for his mercy and grace.

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