Wednesday, February 10


School was canceled today! Our second snow day of the season. Blogging is an interesting concept. I truly meant to document each month and moment of my pregnancy but I'm a bit slow in that this is my first post and I'm only 7 weeks away! I suppose it's better late than never:) Due date: March 30th- My sister's birthday:) We're unsure if it's a boy or a girl and we don't have any definite names....lie. we're not telling. If you have any suggestions we're thinking of "K" or "S" names.

MY BABY SHOWER IS SATURDAY! My closest friends are all coming and staying with us. The baby's room is almost done- I'll post a picture of it soon!

Interesting how i'm deciding to start this blog right about the moment in life that all my "free" time is non-existent. :)
-Until next time-

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