Wednesday, January 26

whip it out, wednesday.

*Will be up early morning tomorrow BUT I am feeling inspired to post something right now. I'm actually getting back into the book I was reading, Captured by Grace, by Dr. David Jeremiah.... Within the book it holds St. Augustine's words:

"God always pours His grace into empty hands."

*Think about that.
~What do I have to offer? 

Yet God pours His grace, love and mercy on me....daily.
A good thought to sleep on. 

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  1. Love the new profile description, and ESPECIALLY the new photo. Your family land is amazing.

    *Thanks for the reminder that no matter what I do, or what I THINK I can do, that my salvation was (and is) totally the work of Jesus' saving grace. I am nothing and have nothing without him.

    Miss you, friend!