Tuesday, August 17

don't give up...

Every day is another day to fight to do what is right and to make an effort to get/stay closer to the Lord...I need this reminder. I am so looking forward to the devotional I purchased last week, as well the Idiot's guide to the Bible. :)  I need some direction.

So, I just opened up my Bible, simply searching. I have had it on my heart about being a failure and not making the changes I want and so on and I open up to this little ditti in my Bible, "Inner Struggles".

So I find this law at work:
When I want to do good, evil is right there beside me.
Romans 7:21

I know I've seen this verse before...recently, I feel.  It is in the front of my prayer journal.... lgw*muah
So regardless, Thank You, my eyes are opened and I have another friendly reminder that when I want to do the right thing, the evil thoughts and doubting is inevitable....but not incurable;)

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