Thursday, January 1


Merry Christmas!! As always, my time off of school has been wonderful and busy...but unfortunately only a few days left....
Christmas morning: I woke up early...layed in bed for an hour until I couldn't lay still any longer. . . officially woke up Steve and moments later we are in the car on the way to my parents. 
Naturally, my sis is up and we proceed to run into my brothers' rooms and gently wake them up. riiight. Then, coffee and keesh! That spelling is not right...keish? Regardless, it was delish. 
We then took nearly 2 hours to open presents and as we finished, Jason, Abby and Owen came over!!  By then Owen was a pro at opening presents. From gramma and grampa, owen received a trampoline so we all had numerous anxiety attacks as the 18 month old went bizzerk on it. Nice. 
Traditional Lasangna dinner and family hangout....and then finally Steve and I headed home to do our Christmas! All in all, a wonderful Christmas day!!!

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